An outdoor patio/garden mobile made of heavy steel plate to withstand high winds.  This mobile has a 33″ span with a 27″ drop.  Mobile pieces made of 1/8″ steel plate.  Balance arms constructed from 12 gage galvanized steel wire.  Weight 2.7 pounds.  This mobile has been powder coated using black, yellow and red colors.  Powder coating will produce an outdoor weather resistant finish that will last for years.


Mobiles by Loreto were recently commissioned by Jim and Nancy K. from Pinckney, Michigan to do a custom mobile for their home.  The mobile required special attention to size and color.  Working with Jim and Nancy the mobile needed to fit in an area with a 24” span and a 21” drop using the colors red, black and white.  The mobile was constructed from .019 aluminum sheet metal and 16 gage galvanized steel wire for the balance arms. The mobile pieces were primed and the colors gloss white, gloss black and gloss apple red enamels were used.  Weight 3 ounces.

Comments by Seamus and Nancy…

“We saw some of Larry’s mobiles at the Ann Arbor Art Center fell in love with them and definitely wanted one.

We had some special considerations at the location we wanted to use it, but Larry was GREAT about working with us to make it fit-in perfectly.”

Seamus and Nancy K.





Newly completed outdoor stabile/mobile by mobile artist Larry Ianni.  An attractive piece to enhance any residential or commercial landscaping application, garden or patio.  The steel sculpture measures 34″ high by 18″ wide and cut from 3/16″ steel diamond plate.  The small metal discs are 6″ in diameter and cut from 1/8″ steel plate.  The large metal disc is cut from 3/16 steel plate and measures 12″ in diameter. The main balance arm cut from 3/8″ steel rod and is 36″ long.  The small balance arm is 3/16″ steel rod and 24″ long. Hooks used to balance discs are hand formed using 3/16″ steel rod.  Colors used are Bright Red, Black, Yellow and White gloss enamel paint.  Weight 40 pounds.


Kaleidico Digital Marketers, located in Flat Rock, Michigan recently contacted and commissioned Loretodoesmobiles.com to produce two hanging mobiles, one for the main lobby and conference room.  The mobiles were commissioned to express Kaleidico’s versatility in the digital marketing space and its ability to address customer requirements.   The Kaleidico mobile has a 27” span with a 19” drop, mobile pieces were constructed from .019 aluminum sheet metal and 16 gage galvanized steel wire for the balance arms.  Weight approximately 2 ounces.  Colors used are Satin Wildflower Blue, Satin LaFonda Copper and Satin Green Apple.


A mobile with uncomplicated established design and use of the primary colors off set by white and black, this mobile has pleasant eye appeal that will compliment any room.  Hand cut from .019 aluminum sheet metal with 16 gauge galvanized steel wire for the balance arms, mobile has a 24” span with a 15” drop and weighs 2 ounces. 


This mobile has a 33″ span with a 41″ drop.

The YELLOW part is 1/32″ dimpled aluminum sheet metal and measures 11″x14.5″.  The RED part is 1/16″ thick expanded steel metal with 1/2″ openings and measures 12″x20″.  The BLUE piece from .019 aluminum sheet metal and measures 8″x15.5″.  This mobile  used outside or inside.  Total weight is 15 ounces.


A Farmington Hills, Michigan couple selected this mobile design with the colors purple and indigo to compliment their home. The mobile spans 28″ across with a 21″ drop and weighing 3 ounces. Mobile pieces were hand cut from .019 gage aluminum sheet metal, the balance arms constructed from 14 gage galvanized steel wire.

How To Buy Metal Sculptures Online

How to Purchase an Indoor/Outdoor Metal Sculpture

Please visit my website… doesmobiles.com and look under the gallery and mobile tab for current choices, or send your custom designed mobile for fabrication.  To buy a contemporary metal sculpture call 734-625-2257.

Outdoor metal sculptures are the perfect expression to enhance outdoor landscaping, and to hang or stand on a patio.

A huge choice of brightly colored hanging metal sculptures of – yellow, red, blue, and many more colors are “Made in Michigan” with precision and attention to details. Resident of Trenton, Michigan, Loreto uses quality sheet metals and galvanized steel wire bought in the U.S. A.  Each of my stylish custom designed hanging sculptures comes with my pledge that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

9 Simple Steps for Making Your Own Mobiles

Step 1: Drawings are traced onto the sheet metal

You can use any pattern or style that you like. It’s up to you how creative you want to be. Try cutting out some cardboard patterns first.

Step 2: Each metal piece is hand cut

Use the tip from a craft knife and a Vary Form Curve so you can refine the edges. 

Step 3: Removing Cutout Pieces

The mobile pieces are then separated by bending the pieces from the sheet metal. 

Step 4: Edge Finishing

Edge burr cuts are removed by hand using an emery sanding block. If needed, mobile edges are filed by hand using a metal file.

Step 5: Mobile pieces are then laid out for a pleasant arrangement 

This is really just your time to finalize the pieces before assembly. What looks good to the eye, how far apart the pieces will be spaced, the angles they are from each other. Get a feel for what the mobile will look like, make sure they flow properly before creating the final product. Check for movement, spacing, angles, make sure the pieces don’t hit each other.

Step 6: Drilling and Mounting

Steel wire is measured for each piece and mounting holes are drilled in desired areas on the metal pieces. After you measure the wire and drill holes into the pieces you have to insert the wire ends into the pieces and press down with the pliers to lock it down.

If you’d like more detail on making your own mobile email larry.ianni@yahoo.com.

Step 7: Balance and Loop Phase

Steel wire balance and end loops are formed by hand using round nose pliers. 

Step 8: Paint Prep

Mobile pieces are then wiped with solvent in preparation for priming and final painting.

Step 9: Finally Assembly

Once the pieces are all dry, begin to hang and balance your pieces starting from the bottom up.

For more information about making your own mobile, or to order a custom hand crafted mobile email me at larry.ianni@yahoo.com.